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Teknicon Abatement & Consulting Inc. is a Canadian environmental organization based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We travel to our client’s work sites wherever they may be in western Canada. Our parent company (Teknicon Construction Services Inc.) is a well-established member of the construction industry which provides Teknicon with ready access to skilled trades workers. In order to facilitate our services, we have taken the time and the expense to have some of our trades workers specially trained to also work in the Hazardous Materials and Biological Contamination fields. Hazardous Building Materials and Biological Contamination projects do on occasion run into complications where an electrician, a plumber or a carpenter’s skill sets are needed. We have those specially trained workers at our disposal for emergency changes and to ensure that our projects always move forward in a prompt, safe and efficient manner.

Fibrous Plaster Wall

Safety Culture is a Value-Added Culture

Teknicon provides exceptional service from the original intake call through sample collection and interpretation, to the physical abatement (removal) of identified hazardous building materials and biological hazards.

At Teknicon, we take pride in our safety-based approach to all our hazardous building materials and biological contamination projects. Our commitment to safety begins the moment we are contacted by a client and that commitment grows with our clients as we progress through our project work. Safety is a regulated responsibility in Alberta and safety is not an option. Teknicon strives to adhere to and exceed the standards set forth in the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety: Act, Regulation and Code.

Hazardous materials and biological contamination are addressed under the provisions of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code: Part 4 Chemical Hazards, Biological Hazards, and Harmful Substances sections. Under these regulations employers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code and ensuring the health and safety of all workers engaged in work involving these restricted substances. These responsibilities extend to others present on the site including those who may not be directly involved in the abatement process itself. Tenants, customers, owners, and other authorized persons present on a work site must also be kept safe. To facilitate those responsibilities Teknicon has implemented an online internal health and safety management system called SiteDocs. Teknicon personnel now have instant access to all our onsite personnel in addition to our Field Level Job Site Safety Assessments and all our safety protocols and procedures. Within SiteDocs all authorized workers have access to what environmental conditions and safety hazards may be present onsite. They have instant access to which personnel are present onsite and which safety protocols apply directly to those workers. When workers feel safe, appreciated and valued, productivity increases, performance increases, which in turn, allows for increased attention to detail and production of the very best finished product for our clients.

Safety is a priority on Teknicon work sites. Safe work sites provide investor confidence, reduce lost-time accidents, increase worker productivity and commitment to health and safety. Our commitment to safety results in value added to our work and a superior finished product. At Teknicon we deliver results not excuses. Safety is a priority, not an option, once again Teknicon delivers.

Exposed Asbestos Mechanical Insulation

We specialize in three main areas: Hazardous Building Materials, Biological Contamination and Abatement Services. Hazardous Building Materials are many and varied; however, much of that work is asbestos related. Teknicon staff have a vast skill set and a long history of successful completion of all types of asbestos related project work. We do small scale residential, we do commercial, and we also do industrial scale projects. Teknicon can be commissioned to identify asbestos containing building materials through accurate NIOSH based sampling procedures. Once identified, Teknicon can create plans to manage those materials or to have them removed while in compliance with all local, provincial and federal regulations. We provide all the inspections and air sampling requirements to move a project from identification through abatement and we can even issue clearance letters required for demolition permits once the process is safely completed.

Feel free to call 780-915-7203 to start the process. We are happy to discuss your situation and will take the time to educate you, our valued clients, providing options, opinions and prompt scheduling to meet our clients needs. If your group needs guidance with any of the issues we specialize in remember…


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