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Teknicon Services

Teknicon can assist your group move any project from the original intake call all the way through the process, even helping you arrange for demolition permits. After the original contact, we will begin formulating a plan of action, specific to your individual needs and requirements. We can tour your property and identify hazardous building materials through a combination of visual assessments and sampling of materials that require more exacting values.

Once identified, Teknicon can create procedures and management plans including Asbestos Management Plans. We can then help you implement those plans; we can even provide all the required ongoing inspections that are an integral component of any properly managed plan. If removal of hazardous materials is needed due to poor condition, renovation work or plans for demolition, Teknicon can assist you with those abatement needs too.

Biological contamination is another potential concern that may be found during any stage of normal business operations, during renovation work or as part of a demolition project. Properly interpreting exactly what laboratory data indicates and the impact of data on workers, tenants or users of a property, can be complicated and daunting.

Most properly researched fungal organisms have known allergenic properties but some like those below can also have pathogenic and toxigenic properties posing a more significant immediate and long-term health risk. These may include fungi such as Stachybotrys sp. (toxic black mould), Chaetomium sp., Fusarium sp. (and others) that can have a serious and immediate impact on those utilizing your property.

We offer full sampling services, full monitoring services and can even arrange to have those materials properly and safely removed. We provide a full range of professional services that are all specifically tailored to meet your need to protect tenants, workers and the property itself. Teknicon can provide your group with the knowledge, training and experience needed to safely address all of these issues.

Teknicon delivers results, not excuses.

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