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Hazardous Building Materials

The phrase “Hazardous Building Material” encompasses a wide array of building materials utilized during past construction and renovation work across most industries in Canada. Hazardous building materials utilized across Alberta and the country as a whole includes familiar materials such as asbestos and lead but also includes less familiar building materials such as Mercury, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s), refrigerants and Urea-Formaldehyde foam insulation. Increased awareness and concern for worker and occupant safety coupled with legal liability and environmental responsibility can add complications to any activity that might disturb and release these materials into the workplace or the outdoor environment.

Hazardous building materials can pose a significant health risk not only to workers but also to building occupants and the outdoor environment when deteriorated, incorrectly handled and improperly disposed of. Hazardous building materials are restricted or prohibited in Canada and only experienced, qualified personnel should be utilized to identify, disturb or dispose of these materials. Once identified through sampling or visual identification, hazardous materials can be controlled, monitored or eliminated altogether to safely address the risk these materials can pose.

Teknicon has the qualified and experienced personnel that can assist your group in identifying hazardous materials at your residential, commercial and industrial job sights. Teknicon’s projects are intentionally designed to accommodate the direct needs of our clients and we always strive to meet both current and long-term goals and objectives. Hazardous materials management plans such as an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) can be implemented to help control these issues. Teknicon can work with your personnel and your clients to provide the ongoing inspections of identified hazardous building materials required as part of any management plan.

Contact Teknicon to speak with one of our experts at 780-915-7203 and to initiate addressing your due diligence needs. Teknicon delivers results, not excuses.


Building Owners and Property Management Firms

The role of Building Owners and Property Management firms are challenging, complex and may be reactive as opposed to being proactive. Building systems maintenance, renovation and loss repair can be daunting, time consuming, expensive and disruptive to operations within the building. Legal and social liability can be complicated by issues that many professionals may not be well versed in. Hazardous Building Materials and various types of Biological Contamination are two areas where many got caught unprepared and may struggle to properly address. Teknicon Abatement and Consulting Services (Teknicon) can provide your group with the knowledge, training and experience needed to safely address these issues.

If removal of a hazardous material is required or if significant renovation or demolition is the goal, we can provide the inspection and air sampling required prior to and during these projects and can clear the property to move forward with our client’s objectives. Renovation work, we handle that. Demolition work, we can do that too and Teknicon can issue clearance letters required to obtain demolition permits. Teknicon delivers results, not excuses.

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Teknicon can provide the various professional trade services, inspections, reporting and remediation efforts your projects warrant: all conducted by our experienced and qualified personnel. Teknicon regularly assists our clients with projects from start to finish involving hazardous building materials or biological contamination projects. Please feel free to contact Teknicon at 780-915-7203 with any questions you might have or to initiate a project.

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