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Teknicon Abatement Services

Teknicon can take your project from its onset with our specialized inspections and sampling all the way through to the abatement phase of our client’s projects. Once we have identified the problems that your group might be facing, we can shift gears and move forward with arranging the safe and properly documented removal of either Hazardous Building Materials or Biological Contamination.

Deteriorated Asbestos Containing Mechanical Insulation

Teknicon Abatement Services and Safety

At Teknicon, we take pride in our safety-based approach to all our hazardous building materials and biological contamination project work.

Abatement work can be as simple as collecting and properly storing materials until they can be removed for disposal and can range all the way up to High-Risk asbestos abatement work. Items like mercury containing ampules in thermostats, radioactive materials in smoke detectors or PCB containing electrical ballasts can be identified, collected, properly stored and then packaged for safe disposal. Other materials such as asbestos or lead require much stricter adherence to applicable regulations and even greater attention to safety procedures and protocols.

Asbestos abatement work can be divided into three distinct categories: Low-Risk, Moderate-Risk and High-Risk. Low-Risk work includes materials such as floor tile or asbestos containing cement products such as Transite board or cement piping. Moderate-Risk work includes sheet vinyl flooring (< 100 sq. ft. [small washroom or kitchen]) and glove bag removals. High-Risk abatement includes drywall, plaster, large sheet vinyl areas, ceiling texture coating and loose fill attic and cinder block insulation (Vermiculite) and many others. High-Risk work encompasses the majority of asbestos abatement work in the industry.

Teknicon personnel have safely conducted thousands of asbestos abatement projects ranging from simple single day projects to large long term abatement projects. Our personnel have worked in occupied local shopping centers, daycares, schools, universities, commercial and industrial properties across the west. Teknicon staff have worked on large demolition projects including the Gainers demolition, Ponoka Mental Health demolitions, Griesbach military base demolitions and hundreds of small-scale residential demolition projects.

Teknicon personnel have successfully completed abatement work on Alberta Health Services (AHS) restricted properties including Marijuana Grow Operations and other properties designated as being Unfit for Human Habitation. Our personnel have worked with all levels of government from local municipal to provincial and federal governments. Our experience and attention to detail, coupled with our safety focused approach is reflected in the superior quality of our work and in the satisfaction of our clients. Safe work sites provide investor confidence, reduce lost-time accidents, increase worker productivity and commitment to health and safety. Our commitment to safety results in value added to our work and a superior finished product. At Teknicon, safety is our priority and a serious commitment to our personnel and clients.

Extensive Fungal Growth

Need to have the asbestos removed that we identified through our exhaustive sampling regime, we can get that done for your group. We can also monitor and document that removal to ensure a safe process while meeting or exceeding the standards applicable wherever we work. Asbestos abatement, we can help with that. Did we find Mercury or PCB’s or any other hazardous building material at your site? Teknicon can assist you with the proper removal of those as well. Is your project focused on demolition? We can clear your property of all identified hazardous materials and our detailed reports can be used to apply for the demolition permits required here in Alberta and elsewhere. Teknicon specializes in biological contamination issues, here is another area where our expertise and the decades of experience that our personnel bring with them to your job site can move things forward: properly. If water incursion is the cause of a mould issue a client may have, simply removing the mould itself may not be enough. In this instance, building envelope sciences become critical, we have experienced building envelope teams at Teknicon so that the issue causing the mould growth and the water damage can also be addressed: properly. Our collection of asbestos and mould trained personnel bring a prompt professional response without the typical delay of searching for a trained trades worker. We have taken the time and the expense to ensure that (some) members of our trades have been trained, certified and are able to legally enter a restricted area: providing another great advantage for our clients. Does your group have an abatement requirement, Teknicon can get that work done for you, properly, safely and in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

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